A Cup of Coffee Before Exercise Could Help Burn Fat Faster

A study by the University of Granada published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition has revealed the potential fat-burning effect of a strong cup of coffee before exercise.

While previous research shows a link between caffeine consumption and improved physical performance, very few studies have looked into whether or not caffeine can accelerate fat-burning in the body.

The study was conducted on 15 individuals who typically consumed less than 50mg of caffeine a day. The participants were all physically active men who did not smoke, were not on medication, and had no pre-existing physical health conditions.

Participants were instructed to consume a strong dose of caffeine or a placebo half-an-hour before exercise sessions. They were asked to complete four sessions over the course of the study, with seven days separating each session. Minimal fat oxidation rate and maximal oxygen uptakes were recorded for each session.

The researchers learned that caffeine consumption before exercise sessions correlated with higher minimal fat oxidation and maximal oxygen uptake. This suggests that consuming caffeine equivalent to a cup of strong coffee half-an-hour before exercise can enhance the body’s capability to burn fat.

It’s important to note the limited scope of the study. No women or non-adults were included in the study, nor were individuals that live less active lifestyles. Additionally, there is no information regarding the race, body temperatures, or fatigue levels of study participants before, during, and after each exercise session. Therefore, the results of the study, while certainly interesting as an exploratory look at the potential fat-burning benefits of caffeine, can not conclude that one will observe these effects in individuals of other demographics.

This adds to the increasingly large scholarship supporting the healthful benefits of regular coffee consumptions. However, the dangers of caffeine consumption are also recorded and studied, meaning this method of accelerating the burning of fat is not appropriate for everyone.

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