Alien Comet Passes Through Our Solar System

It’s been just reported that a strange celestial object is coming towards us. It’s something small and extremely fast, and it seems that no one knows exactly when this comes from or where it’s headed.

This is an interstellar comet which is said to be an ancient ball of ice, dust, and gas. It’s been reportedly formed on the frozen outskirts of a distant star. According to reports, it seems that a quirk of gravity tossed this into our path.

This comet is a place where astronomers will never be able to visit, but it’s a key to the world they cannot observe directly – that’s why it’s so precious.

This is the second interstellar interloper that experts have seen passing through our solar system. More than that, it’s been revealed that it’s the very first one that they have been able to get a good look at.

Experts are analyzing the comet and struggling to fin its parent star 

When experts track the comet’s movements, measure its composition, and monitor its behavior, they are basically searching for clues about the place that it’s coming from. They could also find out details about the space that this celestial body traveled in order to get here.

Stars and Stripes online publication details the story of Doug Durig – an astronomer who climbs up on the rooftop of his observatory every night and checks the comet with the help of his three telescopes.

“Every night, the comet grows bigger and brighter in the sky, expelling streams of gas and dust that may offer up clues to its history. On Dec. 8, it will make its nearest approach to Earth, offering researchers an up-close glimpse before it zooms back into the freezing, featureless void. Far below in the darkness, Durig will be waiting,” the online publication mentioned above writes.

Finding the comet’s parent star would be the main goal of astronomers but this could turn out impossible. Check out the original article for more interesting details.

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