Are You a Compelling Storyteller? NASA Could Hire You for The Artemis Mission

If you’re good and convincing at describing things, you should be interested in finding out about what NASA is searching for. The famous space agency proves once again that it has high hopes for the upcoming Artemis mission that will return humans to the Moon after over half a century. NASA is searching for new partners to help with the storytelling of the Moon exploration during the Artemis program that will occur by 2024.

Everybody likes to tell stories, but not anyone is convincing enough. NASA is looking for people who can describe the future mission in ways that can inspire and capture the interest of as many people as possible.

Advanced technologies required

Jim Bridenstine, who is the administrator of NASA, provided some useful details for what the agency is looking for:

“We’re looking for partners to use advanced technologies, imagery applications and approaches that will go beyond our standard coverage on NASA TV,”

He further added:

“We want to capture the awe of Apollo for a new generation – the Artemis Generation. Just as people were glued to the TV 50 years ago as astronauts took the first steps on the Moon, we want to bring people along in this new era of exploration.”

Innovative technologies or hardware are required for future partners, and some good examples are 360-degree field-of-view camera systems, virtual reality, advanced imagery compression for improving image quality for limited bandwidth communication links, 4K and Ultra HD camera systems, and more. Possessing unique storytelling and distribution methods by future partners is also a good idea.

NASA aims to build a base on the Moon during the Artemis program, and such an endeavour will assure a much more comfortable approach for future human missions on Mars. Colonizing the Red Planet may be an exaggerated idea for now, but humanity can surely land foot there in the near future.

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