Being Underweight Harms The Heart – Why Scientists Think Skinny People Die Younger?

At first glance, skinny people seem healthier than those dealing with some extra kilograms or obesity. But the truth is something else. Scientists reveal that having little tiny waist makes you vulnerable to a particular type of disease. Read on to find out the disease.

Several studies have found a close link between being underweight and heart diseases. Being a ‘size zero’ is not necessarily better than being overweight, at least when it comes heart diseases’ incidence. Doctors recommend a healthy body mass index, not too skinny, not too fat, to successfully keep cardiovascular diseases at distance. 

What BMI (Body Mass Index) is Classified as ‘Sickish’?

According to reports, a lower value than 18,5 BMI is not a good number, and several factors, such as genetics, malnutrition, and infections, can lead to this result. 

Of course, at the root of heart diseases can exist a cluster of bad habits, such as overeating salt or fat, sedentary lifestyle, or smoking. In time these habits can build deposits of fat around the heart and veins or lead to elevated blood pressure. 

However, being skinny is one of the factors, and researches outlined once again the importance of living with a normal BMI. Maybe our society sees the beauty of being underweight. But, hey, your well-being comes first!

What Statistics Say? 

A Bali study revealed that being too skinny makes people 3,6 times more predisposed to coronary heart disease, compared to individuals with normal body mass or those who carry some extra kilograms. Skinny people also have to do with increased chances of premature death. Digging further into facts, researchers bring into attention that women suffering from coronary artery disease face doubled odds of dying younger than the rest of the population. On the other side, the category of overweight individuals that cease adding kilograms minimise their odds by 65 %. 

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