Best Substitutes For Pasta If You Don’t Have Any At Home

Do you happen to crave pasta but don’t have any at home? This article will show you how to cook tasty alternatives!

Pasta is one of the most representative dishes from the Italian cuisine. Its only rival is pizza, but that mostly depends on personal taste.

There are many creative ways to cook and serve pasta that you can eat daily (though that’s not recommended), and it would still feel new.

Here are the top substitutes to pasta and how to cook them:


Boil rice in water, but not until it’s completely soft. Boil it just so that it still has some crunchiness left in it. Make some white sauce, add vegetables, and have fun with the boiled rice substitute.


Cut the carrots you have in long but thin sheets and use them instead of spaghetti pasta. The good thing is that you won’t have to boil them. Just stir the strips in pasta sauce for a few minutes, and they are ready to serve!


Eggs can be a good substitute for pasta! Crack a few of them in a bowl and whisk them.

Heat some oil in a pan of choice and pour the whisked eggs in the pan in separate rows, to simulate pasta.

Let the strips cook and turn crisp. Then, scrape them off the pan and use them like pasta.


Cut thin slices of potato or potato sticks and then fry them, just like you do with fries. Keep them on a dry, absorbent tissue that will take away all the extra oil. Season your makeshift pasta with red sauce or pink sauce.

The humble potato is a fantastic replacement for pasta! Just try it and see for yourself.

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