Bizarre Gel-Like Substance Identified On The Dark Side Of The Moon By China’s Lunar Rover

Chang’e-4’s lunar rover, Yutu-2, spotted a bizarre gel-like substance on the dark side of the Moon. During the 8th lunar day exploration mission, Yutu-2, on July 28th, took some intriguing images of a mysterious material on the Moon.

When the Beijing Aerospace Control Center was just going to shut down the lunar rover to avoid the damage caused by solar radiations, Yu Tianyi, a team member of the Chang’e-4 mission department, noticed something mysterious in the crater where Yutu-2 was in, more specifically, a bizarre gel-like substance.

The Chinese scientists postponed the sleep phase of their lunar rover and moved Yutu-2 towards the mysterious material they spotted on the dark side of the Moon. Using its Visible and Near-Infrared Spectrometer (VNIS), Yutu-2 measured the bizarre gel-like substance, and the Chinese researchers learned more about the weird, colored material on the dark side of the Moon.

China’s Lunar Rover Identified a Bizarre Gel-Like Substance on the Dark Side of the Moon

While the Apollo 17 mission’s crew were puzzled by the orange-colored soil that they spotted near the Taurus-Littrow landing site, back in 1972, the finding of the bizarre gel-like substance on the dark side of the Moon represents one of the fascinating discoveries humankind has ever made on the Moon.

Well, there are many theories to explain the mysterious gel-like material found on the dark side of the Moon. One scientist believes that the substance is the byproduct of a meteorite impact that turned the regolith (lunar soil) into molten glass.

Of course, some people think that China’s lunar rover, Yutu-2, spotted an alien-made gel-like substance on the dark side of the Moon. However, this theory is unlikely to be the genuine one since Yutu-2 hasn’t detected anything that might be correlated with extraterrestrials on the far side of the Earth’s natural satellite.

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