Coronavirus Just Hit The Kennedy Space Center

The coronavirus pandemic affected all the industries around the world, and unfortunately, it seems that the US space program is affected as well.

NASA is shuttering some of its centers, and it’s pushing staff to work from home these days, until the crisis passes or gets better. The space agency only allows mission-critical personnel to access some facilities.

After a day since the agency put out a release in which they were detailing the plans for the immediate future, Florida Today reported that an employee at the Kennedy Space Center tested positive for the virus.

This employee was reportedly last present at the facility over ten days before he was tested positive for the novel coronavirus and had already been working from home after NASA allowed them to.

BGR notes that it’s not very clear whether the person was infected during his recent days at the center or somewhere else.

NASA spokesperson Tracy Young explained that the agency is pretty optimistic that the coronavirus was not spread among the employees at the Kennedy Space Center.

The employee was last seen at the center more than ten days ago

“This employee was last at the center more than 10 days ago,” Young said.

She continued and said that “Based on the circumstances and elapsed time since the employee was on-site, we believe it was acquired after they had started teleworking, and there is no additional risk at the center from this person.”

Just in case you don’t know, Kennedy Space Center is one of the most important facilities that the space agency has, and there are around 10k staff members there.

The mandatory work-from home order has been applied to all the NASA centers, and this means that the current staff numbers at the Kennedy should already be at a minimum. It’s not very clear whether this newly confirmed case of COVID-19 will be affecting any of the work that is still being made by employees who work at critical missions at the center.

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