Coronavirus News: 5 Signs Anxiety Is Threatening Your Mental Health

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting the whole world, and our lives are now governed by fear and uncertainty. We don’t know for sure what tomorrow will bring anymore, and all this stress and anxiety can become really severe for some individuals.

Lockdown, isolation from friends and all the loved ones, loss of jobs, income and the whole economic instability, can trigger dangerous mental issues. Severe illness and death are surrounding us these days, and these difficult times are made worse by the fear of an invisible enemy. Lately, people have a more relaxed vision for therapy, as it is the best method to address mental issues and keep your mental health. If you intend to map your mental health, is there to help you.

“We’re constantly living with a level of fear, a heightened state of arousal, much like Vietnam vets and Iraqi vets live with every day,” said trauma counselor Jane Webber, as cited by CNN.

“And our sympathetic nervous system can only stay in that overwhelmed, almost frenetic state for so long before we crash,” said Webber, who counseled survivors and families during 9/11’s tragic aftermath.

Here are five signs that are showing the fact that our coping skills are getting worse, and anxiety may be turning really dark and dangerous.

Poor sleep

Anxiety creates poor sleep and this can trigger more anxiety, depression, and we have a circular impact.

Massive focus on bad news

Another warning flag is the fact that we keep watching bad news, and this can also increase anxiety.

Loss of pleasure and interest

As we’re losing the taste for connection to other people, we can also stop reaching out to family and friends, and such isolation is extremely dangerous for the mental health.

Feeling of helplessness

There’s an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that can lead to trauma symptoms, according to the latest expert opinions.

Suicidal thoughts

Being hopeless and anxious can trigger suicidal thoughts, and this is a sign that professional help is required immediately.

In order to try and cope with the current reality, the best thing we can do is reach out and connect with the loved ones.

Check out more solutions that the CNN article offers readers.

Also, make sure to read some positive news as well!

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