COVID-19 Myths Debunked

The University of Chicago Medicine Executive Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control Dr. Emily Landon analyzed some of the most popular myths regarding the ongoing worldwide pandemic, as coronavirus cases keep rising across the USA.

Let’s talk about one of the most controversial items related to the ongoing pandemic – masks.

Wearing A Mask

Masks have been around for centuries and are necessary for hospitals and controlled environments.

Landon says that masks’ guidance was confusing at first and maybe why some people are skeptical.

Landon said: “Common sense says that masks reduce risk. Healthcare workers would all get COVID when they were caring for patients if masks didn’t prevent infection, and studies of healthcare worker antibodies show that they have had COVID only slightly more than the regular population, despite having very close contact with patients who have COVID.”

Also, all studies show that, though masks aren’t perfect, they decrease the risk of getting infected.

Will The Cold Season Worsen The Situation?

Doctors and other experts believe that the number of infected individuals might rise during the cold season for reasons like temperature and air.

The moisture in the warm summer air kept COVID-19 from spreading, Landon said.

The virus gets trapped in the droplets of moisture in the air, which weigh more and fall faster, preventing the virus from spreading.

The cold, dry air lets COVID-19 hang around longer and fall later, and therefore travel farther.

According to Landon, the cold weather also makes people stay inside, where the virus can float around, unfortunately.

Landon warned people to be aware of the “three C’s” – “Unmasked contact in a closed space that’s crowded.”

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