Cutting Carbohydrates Is Not The Best Idea, Experts Warned

The carbohydrates are the macronutrients in aliments such as white bread, sugary cereals or candies, that lack beneficial calories, minerals, or vitamins. In order to lose weight immediately, more and more people are choosing a lifestyle, including aliments with low-carbs. These keto diets are, however, non-sustainable and producing health issues on long term usage.

An effective way to reduce the carbs intake is to keep a food journal and to analyze it with a doctor. A qualified professional will plainly display the pros and cons of such a diet and create a suitable alimentation program for you. However, many specialists are skeptical when it comes to cutting down on carbohydrates in your diet.

Why cutting carbohydrates is not a good idea

Firstly, the carbohydrates are rich in essential minerals and vitamins, even though an elongated perception that carbs are bad for one’s health is spreading. There are valuable carbs that bring in your alimentation magnesium, B12, minerals, or antioxidants. These carbs are essential for the immune system, building the strength of the bones, cartilages, muscles and even blood.

A crucial thing to do when cutting down the carbs from your life is making sure that you manage to % replace those nutrients with the necessary supplements. A study is showing that 70% of the Americans that are trying the keto diet are not getting enough magnesium.

Another valuable asset of carbs is the fiber. It can be found in grains, vegetables, or fruits, being in the meantime an essential source of carbohydrates. The health benefits of the fibers include proper digestion and gut health. The fiber is essential when trying to lose weight because it gives you the sensation that you are not hungry for a more extended period. Additionally, the fibers reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and bring a set of beneficial bacteria to the microbiome.

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