Doctors Recommend Waiting A Bit Before Getting Your Flue Shot

As we are nearing the regular flu season, some doctors suggest waiting for a few weeks before getting your flu shot.

Health experts claim that, though September regularly marks the start of the flu season, social distancing and the additional handwashing due to the ongoing pandemic have offset the beginning of the flu season.

Experts now believe that the flu might peak in February or March.

Reasons For The Delay

As the peak of the flu season will supposedly happen a lot later than regularly, Dr. Roberto Colón with Premier Health claimed that waiting for a few weeks before getting your flu shot might be beneficial:

“There’s a lot of thought that the middle to end of October may be the ideal time to get it so that you have protection to go through the entire influenza season.”

He also warned about conspiracy theories that might scare you off from getting the flu vaccine. Make sure that you don’t trust conspiracy theories. Your health is at stake, and the vaccine is the best way to ensure that you stay safe and healthy!

Importance Of The Choice

Though you might argue that there’s no difference between getting a flu shot now or getting one in the upcoming weeks, there are plenty of advantages involved in that.

Typically, you’d want to get vaccinated as soon as September starts. However, that used to be the case outside of the coronavirus pandemic. Getting a flu shot too early might make its effects wear off before the flu season peaks, and that is something you want to avoid, especially considering the ongoing pandemic.

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