Food Cravings Are Closely Linked to Stress During The Coronavirus Outbreak

The scientists are reporting that food cravings are the result of a series of complex and intricate parts of the brain, in short, stress during the coronavirus outbreak.

In addition to this, the food cravings are closely linked to the ongoing pandemic that has caused home isolation and a great deal of stress. Should you have experienced this during the quarantine days, here is the explanation.

A study conducted by Kent Berridge, a professor at the University of Psychology and Neuroscience, is trying to show the brain’s capability to generate pleasure and to influence the appetite.

It is underlining that the food cravings are not randomly hitting us, and they are related to the individual traits and tastes in food. At the moment, the professor is focusing on discovering, which are the factors that control the choice of a targeted craving.

In addition to this, food cravings are closely related to the amount of stress one experiences. The pressure is responsible for determining the CRF in the brain-craving circuity, which is the responsible stress neurotransmitter.

Stress Due to the Coronavirus Outbreak Linked to Food Cravings

Moreover, when committing to a food craving and feeling guilty for your actions, it is triggered as well by stress and a series of stressors in the brain structure.

Most of the food cravings include meals that are high in calories and bad for your health, such as sugary aliments.

Furthermore, the current situation is confusing an impressive amount of people who are facing a time of uncertainty in terms of social distancing and worries regarding the upcoming financial consequences.

Berridge has concluded during his study that this process is not just a random food craving. The basis of it can be found in the psychological, cognitive processes.

A memory that offers the sensation of comfort plays an essential role in this matter, such as nostalgia felt while eating a meal from childhood years does. Food cravings are linked to the new coronavirus outbreak.

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