Galactic Anomaly: Astronomers Hear Repeating Radio Bursts From Nearby Galaxy

FRBs or Fast Radio Bursts are quite an anomaly for astronomers. The powerful blasts of radio energy have been detected from really distant locations in space, but it’s not exactly precise where they’re coming from.

Of course, there are tons of movies suggesting that they are signals from ET, but this remains in theory only.

FRBs are a rare phenomenon 

FRBs can easily be called wonders that appear in an instant, and then you may never hear them again.

It’s been revealed by the latest data coming from BGR that one FRB in particular, which has been since labeled FRB 121102 is famous for repeatedly showing up. Experts have been analyzing this one for a while now.

There seems to be a new repeating FRB that appeared on astronomers’ radars, and it seems to be coming from a source that’s reportedly located not that far away from our galaxy.

The online publication that we mentioned above notes that the new repeating FRB is known as 180916.J0158+65.

It’s been revealed that this one was traced back to a galaxy that sits roughly half a billion light-years from our planet.

This discovery is the subject of a new paper published in Nature.

The repeating radio bursts come from a nearby galaxy 

“The FRB is among the closest yet seen, and we even speculated that it could be a more conventional object in the outskirts of our own galaxy,” Mohit Bhardwaj, co-author of the work, said in a statement.

The co-author continued and explained that “However, the observation proved that it’s in a relatively nearby galaxy, making it still a puzzling FRB but close enough to now study using many other telescopes.”

As a conclusion, regarding what exactly determines the FRBs in the first place, this is something pretty tricky to point out, and the theories are various.

They include energy flung into space as black holes tear apart massive objects, for instance.

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