Google Maps’ Odd Discovery of Living Dead

Google Maps is one of the most reliable and advanced web mapping services, and sometimes its way of displaying strange places shock us. Users might find themselves venturing across the globe, searching for nothing particular, but looking for everything. Recently, there had been discovered an odd town, with even more odd people. The place is in Japan, and the people found there seemed lifeless. How it’s this possible?

Reddit User Made Quite the Discovery

The little town from the Iya Valley of Shikoku called Nagoro, got famous now on Reddit due to its creepiness. A user succeeded in capturing the unique views and posted them on Reddit. The user explained how everything looked normal until something quite strange appeared to be very disturbing. As it can be seen on the photos, hundreds of human-size bodies seemed unbothered staying-still, eyes-wide-open, waiting for something unknown. They have been seen at the bus stops, next to some shops, perched in trees or resting in fields. The human-size bodies, however, are nothing but some creepy dolls. The story behind them, well, is scarier.

Story of the Lifeless Bodies from Nagoro

A Reddit user found the real story of the village’s corpses. A post states, “A lady builds a dummy to represent every person who dies in the village. That means every doll is a surviving replica of a dead resident.”

Fast Company provides further information, explaining how one resident, Ayano Tsukimi, felt too lonely and got the idea to remember the ones who passed away. The village has only a population of 37 people, so it could be understood why she does that. Tsukimi made 350 dolls along time, succeeding in filling the village with quite the intriguing characters. The doll designer explained in a short documentary by Fritz Schumann, that “When I make dolls of dead people, I think about them when they were alive and healthy. The dolls are like my children.”

With such background and history, the village of Nagoro could quickly become a horror movie’s subject.

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