Green-Mediterranean – The Possible Key To An Efficient Diet!

The internet is full of outlandish methods “proven” by dieters to facilitate and support weight loss.

A recent theory from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev takes that to a new level.

Researchers suggest that taking frozen microbiome capsules originated from one’s fecal matter might help prevent lost pounds from coming back!

The Study

The method is useful only after you’ve lost some weight.

As many dieters are aware, keeping the pounds from coming back can be more challenging than losing them.

Dr. Shai, a member of the School of Public Health, stated:

“It is well known that most weight-loss dieters reach their lowest body weight after 4-6 months, and are then challenged by the plateau or regain phase, despite continued dieting.”

Researchers came to the astonishing conclusions after a 14-month clinical trial took place in Israel.

At the beginning of the experiment, many subjects who were either obese or had high cholesterol separated into three dietary groups, randomly – healthy nutritional guidelines, Mediterranean diet, and green-Mediterranean diet.

After the subjects had followed the regimens for six months, they submitted fecal samples from which microbiome capsules were crafter.

Next, subjects were randomly assigned to one of the two groups.

One of the two got 100 legitimate capsules containing their microbiome, while the other group received placebos.

Subjects in the green-Mediterranean diet group received 28g of walnuts, green tea, and a shake from Mankai to eat daily during the six-month diet period.

It turned out that those participants presented the most noticeable changes in their gut microbiome compositions.

“The green-Mediterranean diet also resulted in the preservation of weight loss-associated specific bacteria and microbial metabolic pathways, mainly glucose transport, following the microbiome intervention, compared to the control,” added Dr. Rinot.

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