The Longest Animal Ever Has Just Been Discovered

Here’s a brand new finding fr you to enjoy while in lockdown. It’s been just revealed that underwater explorers have discovered a 150-foot-long siphonophore, a really strange translucent creature that’s actually made up of tinier critters, off the coast of Australia.

Experts dubbed the creature as the “largest animal ever discovered.”

Each siphonophore is made up of many little “zooids,” according to info coming from LiveScience.

Siphonophores can reach lengths of up to 130 feet

The Monterey Bay Aquarium revealed that these colonies that are making up the siphonophore have already been reported to reach lengths of up to 130 feet.

Here’s the tweet in which you can also see the interesting creature.

The new creature discovery was made by a team that’s abroad the research vessel called Falkor while these experts were investigating some deep-sea canyons off of Australia’s Ningaloo Coast.

Experts also revealed the most common question that they have been getting in relation to this subject.

Someone commented: “It’s such a fascinating sight. Slightly creepy in a science fiction-ey way and yet totally riveting at the same time. The ocean is like an entirely different planet.”

Fox News reported that besides this long creature, experts have also found some large groups of glass sponges and more interesting species.

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