NASA Discovered a Near-Earth Object Which Will Pass Us at 30,086mph

This huge asteroid will fly towards our planet on a close approach trajectory, as per NASA. The trackers from the space station predicted that the object, that’s dubbed 2019 UR2 will arrive on the 18th of November, on Monday. During this close approach, the asteroid will hit speeds of 48,420kph  – 30,086mph.

What do we know so far about this asteroid?

This asteroid was discovered just last month, in October, but NASA has found out about this space rock. This asteroid is an Apollo-type NEO  – Near-Earth Object – that’s flying around the inner solar system. These Apollo-type rocks, just like UR2, cross the orbit of our planet in a way that’s similar to the Asteroid 1862 Apollo’s way. Near-Earth Objects come close to our planet from time to time, and on different occasions they can also strike the planet with great force. Due to these frequent approaches, the European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA always keep an eye on their orbits.

NASA stated that, by understanding more about the space rocks now, we could take precautions and the needed measures in the future.

How big is this asteroid?

Since they discovered the asteroid last month, in October, NASA has made about 82 orbital observations in order to find out more about its size, trajectory, and speed. The space company thinks that the space rock has its measurements somewhere between 324ft and 721m – that’s between 99m to 220m across. If we are to take a look and really think about it, the space rock can be compared in height to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, US.

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