NASA Shows Interest In Venus, Neptune, And Jupiter’s Moon For Upcoming Missions

NASA has big plans regarding space exploration, as you will see below.

NASA experts have selected four new missions for more study and refinement this week.

The space agency said that these proposals had been chosen based on the potential service value and feasibility of development plans.

It’s been reported by the latest info coming from ArsTechnica that each one of the mission teams will get $3 million from NASA in roder to be able to finalize its proposals over the next nine months.

After this, NASA will select two missions that will be taken into the development stage and launch later this year.

According to the reports, it seems that discovery missions have a cost cap of $450 million. NASA chose the following four missions, as reported by the online publication mentioned above.


This mission is set to analyze Venus’ atmosphere and understand how it was formed and how it evolved before finding if Venus ever had an ocean.

“The spacecraft will plunge through Venus’ inhospitable atmosphere to precisely measure its composition down to the surface,” says the online publication.

Io Volcano Observer

This is the second mission, and it’s set to explore Jupiter’s moon to learn how tidal forces shape the planetary bodies.

“Io is heated by the constant crush of Jupiter’s gravity and is the most volcanically active body in the solar system,” according to the publication.


This would explore Triton, an icy moon of Neptune in roder to understand pathways to habitable worlds at massive distances from the Sun. This is definitely an exciting exploration target.


This is the fourth mission that would seek to map Venus’ surface in order to determine the planet’s geologic history and understand the reasons for which it developed so differently compared to Earth.

Check out more info on ArsTechnica’s original article.

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