NESCO Coffee Bean Roasters Deemed Fire Hazard

On April 21, more than 5000 NESCO Coffee Bean Rosters were recalled in an announcement by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The announcement specifically refers to devices produced by Metal Ware Corporation with model number CR-04-13 and a date code of 2520 or 3220. The model number and date code of the device can be found on the product’s packaging. The roaster is black with the NESCO logo clearly painted on in white.

That model of coffee roaster has been found to potentially pose a fire risk to its users. No injuries have been reported related to the use of the coffee roaster. However, there have been cases of overheating causing beans to burn and plastic components in the roaster to melt. There are also reports of smoke and flames being emitted from affected devices. As of April 21, there have been 20 reports filed with Metal Ware Corporation related to overheating of the coffee roaster.

The NESCO Coffee Bean Roaster CR-04-13 was made available from August to December of 2020. The device could be obtained at two physical retailers: Blains Supply and Burman Coffee Traders. Consumers could also purchase the recalled roaster over the Internet through the Keystone Housewares Facebook page, Bodhi Leaf Coffee, Sweet Maria’s, Kohl’s, Farm and Fleet, Everything Kitchens, Burman Coffee, and Wayfair.

According to Metal Ware, owners of this coffee roaster “should immediately stop using the recalled coffee bean roasters.” Metal Ware is offering to cover return shipping costs for the roasters. Consumers will also be refunded for their returned roasters and can choose between a full $85 refund or $100 in store credit on the official NESCO website.

Owners of the recalled coffee roasters can arrange a return and claim their refund via the Metal Ware Corporation customer service line.

In 2011, another NESCO product, the NESCO American Harvest Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator, was recalled after reports of overheating devices catching fire or emitting smoke.

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