New Milky Way Amazing View Is Revealed [Photos]

Milky Way was in the spotlight about a week ago when it’s been reported that it ejected something strange.

There was a main-sequence hypervelocity star that’s traveling at enormous speeds after it has been ejected by the Sagittarius A* – the giant black hole from our Milky Way galaxy.

A team of international astronomers has spotted the star.

New Milky Way images are out, and they are amazing 

New images from our beloved Milky Way are out, and they are simply mind-blowing.

A team of experts has used the Murchison Widefield Array telescope in Australia in order to help people be able to enjoy the wonders of our home galaxy from a telescope’s point of view.

CNET reveals an amazing new image from the MWA that looks to the middle of Milky Way at an area which is called the Galactic Center.

“Huge golden filaments indicate enormous magnetic fields, supernova remnants are visible as little spherical bubbles, and regions of massive star formation show up in blue. The supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is hidden in the bright white region in the center,” according to the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research.

They made this release on Wednesday.

The data is not just amazing to look at but it also helping astronomers locate previously undetected supernovae.

The team was led by astrophysicist Natasha Hurley-Walker from Curtin University. The experts were able to find 27 of these exploded star remnants.

The website mentioned above revealed that one of the supernovae would have exploded about 9,000 years ago and it may have also been visible to Earth.

“Now that we know when and where this supernova appeared in the sky, we can collaborate with Indigenous elders to see if any of their traditions describe this cosmic event,” according to astronomy expert Duane Hamacher.

Head over to CNET’s article in roder to learn more exciting data.

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