Pregnant & Stressed out Because of Pandemic? Here’s some tips

It’s no secret that living pandemic times can be overwhelming, but for pregnant women, the stress can be out of this world.

You might be feeling unsure of the impact the virus could have on the unborn, as well as you might experience the stress coming from other sources, such as relationships, lifestyle, finances, and so on. Before letting it become a living hell, here are some tips on how to manage the unbearable amount of stressors.

Can COVID-19 Affect the Baby?

One small study from Wuhan, China measured the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancies and it concluded that the health of newborns or unborn babies of women that contracted the virus in the final trimester was no different of those of healthy mothers. However, the study left some questions unanswered. What happens to the babies whose mothers got infected in the early pregnancy?

For a more accurate insight, there was made a report including 41 mothers that suffered from COVID-19 and 38 mothers that encountered other coronaviruses, such as SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome).

Mothers with COVID-19 had a slightly increased rate of preterm birth (before 37 weeks gestation). Although, the report didn’t take into account the rate of babies that were induced to arrive before 37 weeks. In conclusion, there is no valid proof indicating COVID-19 can harm your baby, so you should block the worries and focus on the positive aspects of life right now.

Pregnant and Facing Obstacles of all Kinds

With or without the COVID-19 threatening to never end, the problems that arise from the lifestyle, job, and so on weighs heavily on your shoulder. It is natural to worry about the baby, but attaching new concerns, as ‘what if the baby gets infected?’, can make your life unbearable.

Statistics say that before the pandemic about 20% of pregnant women were facing clinical anxiety disorder. Canadian scientists surveyed almost 2,000 expectant mothers in April 2020 to discover a dramatic increase in the figures. They noted that 57% of the moms were dealing with anxiety symptoms while 68% stated to feel more anxious about pregnancy than before.

A single expectant mother in 1,987 had COVID-19, while the others had several symptoms but were not confirmed. This means that expecting a child during the pandemic and not being infected meant 3 times more anxiety than being pregnant before the pandemic.
On the list of the main concerns, another problem was how the pandemic will influence maternity care, raising questions such as who is allowed to visit them in the hospital.

Stress is There, as well are Solutions

It is long-known that stress in pregnancy can have long-term consequences on the baby and future toddler, such as proneness to diseases, pre-term birth, or behavioral problems. However, no matter how stressful the pandemic seems so far, it won’t necessarily inflict consequences on the future generations that are now just babies. The only thing that matters is the attitude of the mother and how she chooses the best for her baby in these times of trial by repelling the big stressors.

Don’t Let Anxiety Win

The biggest step is to get social support in times when social distancing seems to block us from reaching our friends and loved ones. However, keep a close bond through social media and video calls. Seek online birth groups and pregnancy support which share stories and experiences, providing a sense of belonging. If you like to exercise indoors, you will find a wealth of online Pilates classes and yoga targeted for pregnancy.

You can start practicing daily meditations guided by an app. When you feel overwhelmed you can use local telehealth to receive mental health care, but you can also find plenty of self-guided mental health support just one click away.

Never lose hope, no matter how hard it is for you right now. It will get better.

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