Scientific Discovery On Mount Ebal Backs Up Bible Story

Archaeologists discovered a site that was built during biblical times on Mount Ebal. Claims say that it appears to confirm a story from the Old Testament.

The Biblical Story

The Book of Joshua speaks of a story that depicts one of Moses’ assistants building a stone altar in the place where Israelites used to make peace offerings.

When Joshua was old, he organized a meeting at Shechem and spoke to the people who were present. Archaeologist Adam Zertal carried research in Manasseh. He and his team discovered an anomaly over one hundred below the peak.

Importance Of The Discovery

The finding was significant for Bible Discovery TV. An episode from the channel revealed an interesting aspect:

“The book of Deuteronomy records a command to Joshua to hold a ceremony on Mount Ebal, build an altar there, and set up standing stones that had the covenant written on them.”

Then the series depicted why Mount Ebal was chosen, and the reasons are quite logical:

“First, it flanks the city of Shechem, which was a major center of politics and religion in Canaan, control of this area demonstrated God’s power.”

Another viable reason is the fact that Mount Ebal is the tallest mountain in the northern area of Samaria, so a detailed view of the surroundings as possible.

Mount Ebal – The Archaeological Hotspot?

Mount Ebal is famous for the multitude of archaeological discoveries that were made in its surroundings. Many Israelite Iron Age-related objects were dug up from that region.

Mount Ebal is mentioned in the Bible only in The Book of Joshua and in Deuteronomy.

Credibility Of The Assumptions

Mount Ebal saw much controversy because of the archaeologist’s findings.

Advanced analysis suggests that Zertal’s assumptions are correct – The altar is made out of natural uncut stones, alternating layers of soil, ritually clean, edible animals. The altar was ascended with the use of a ramp, as suggested by Exodus 20, unlike pagan altars that were ascended with stairs.

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