Smoking During Pregnancy Causes Infertility In Daughters

Probably anybody knows that it’s not recommended at all to do drugs or consume alcohol during pregnancy since such habits will affect the development of babies. But even apparently inoffensive habits like smoking can affect the development of children, says a new study made at the Cigli State Training Hospital on more than 100 babies: 56 females and 64 males.

The research had been made by a Turkish team of scientists, claiming that daughters of smokers will have high rates of testosterone and becoming more masculine, due to the toxins from the tobacco.

Smoking during pregnancy can cause premature birth

As grim as it may sound, this is what the research claims and premature birth can lead to early death and/or disability.

Researchers measured the anogenital distance (AGD) for the babies, which is the space between the midpoint of the anus and to the point of the genitalia. This is also a medical way to establish the testosterone levels.

Female babies born to mothers who were smoking during pregnancy had a significantly bigger AGD length. Therefore the conclusion was obvious: a mother smoking will provide higher testosterone levels for her daughters.

Smoking during pregnancy also increases the risks of infertility in daughters

“AGD is an important biomarker of fetal androgen exposure and intrauterine masculinization,” Dr. Deniz Ozalp Kizilay said. He also added: “To our knowledge, this is the first time that the unfavorable effects of prenatal smoke exposure on AGD, as a marker of testosterone exposure, has been demonstrated in female newborns.”

All future mothers should act responsibly and wise during pregnancy since it’s all about bringing to life another human being which can make the world a better place in lots of wonderful ways. And let’s not forget about the well-known health risks for all smokers: damaging lungs, blood flow, heart, getting bad breath, growing the risk of a stroke, and so on.

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