Study Finds 37% of Americans Drink More Coffee Since The Pandemic

Tchibo has made public the results of their consumer behavior report examining how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected coffee consumption habits and preferences among consumers.

One of the key takeaways from the report is that general consumption is on the rise, with 37% of people reporting that they now drink more coffee every week since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Additionally, 73% of all coffee drinkers surveyed report that they’ve been brewing coffee at home more often in the past year. The shift to homebrewing shouldn’t come as a surprise amidst government-mandated lockdowns and social distancing rules, but it’s interesting to see overall consumption continue to rise despite the increased difficulty in obtaining a good coffeehouse brew.

As expected, consumers prioritize fresh taste and premium quality when it comes to picking their coffee. One interesting insight from the survey is that coffee consumers are prioritizing environment-safe and Fair Trade practices when it comes to picking the brand of coffee they drink. As high as 76% of those aged 18 to 29 are aware of and consciously consider corporate social responsibility when choosing a brand.

Another interesting finding: coffee drinkers aren’t monogamous to a brand. 77% of respondents report that they’re open to buying new coffee brands if they see them in a grocery store. This is particularly notable as the survey shows a majority of coffee drinkers do get their coffee from a supermarket with only a third of all respondents buying from coffee shops. An overwhelming 81% of all people surveyed report a preference for ground coffee over whole beans.

Tchibo is one of the largest roasted coffeehouses in Europe, with 11,450 employees all around the globe and revenues exceeding $3 billion in 2019. After years of dominance in Europe, the brand entered the US market in fall of 2020.

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