Study Indicates that Some People Might Have Natural Protection against COVID-19

Over seven months have passed since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. In all this time, the lives of most people living on our planet have been grossly affected. The scientific community has really worked hard in order to understand this virus, then find the proper tools to prevent, treat or even cure it. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of things that we do not properly understand about COVID-19.

One Big Mystery

There is, above all, one mystery that nobody seems to wrap their head around. That is why some people get extremely sick, even dying from this virus, while others’ symptoms are so mild, that they do not even realize that they have it

Risk Factors

We already know some of the most important factors regarding the risk for developing a severe, perhaps fatal, course of the disease. People that are over 60, overweight, or, perhaps, obese, the ones with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, people with cardiovascular diseases, conditions affecting the lungs and the kidneys, cancer, and, surprisingly, being a person of color, such as a Latino Linx, a Native American or African American.

Non-Risk Group

We are aware of some risk groups, but could there possibly exist categories of people that have a natural resistance to COVID-19? A recent article was published in the academic journal Nature Reviews Immunology. It seems to indicate that a large population has in fact immune cells that are capable of recognizing some parts of the new coronavirus, thus assisting the organism in the early stages of the battle against COVID-19. This translates to essentially having protection against the virus, but this protection is, at the moment, of an unknown degree.

Scientist’s Statement

The study mentions that, out of the people that were exposed to the virus, about half of them presented an impressive T-cell reactivity, according to Alessandro Sette, the co-author of the paper. He mentioned this an interview with CNN.

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