The Origins of Life – The Visible Universe Might Be Barren, New Research Revealed

The way life emerged on Earth mimics the way the Universe was created. You can call it the Big Bang of life. Just like the Big Bang was the explosion of a singularity the size of a peach, the same way a non-living entity exploded into life.

And just like the entire physics collapses when confronted with the question about what happened before the Big Bang, the same thing happens when science has to answer what happens before the first form of DNA appeared.

Since RNA is considered the only molecule capable of doing what DNA can (to copy and store information and to start and accelerate chemical reactions), science presumes there was an RNA world before the DNA world.

Abiogenesis is the word describing the origins of life. It is the process through which inert matter became the first form of life. But it can’t be pinned down. There is no comprehensive way for not-living matter to become something else. But scientists still engage in this fight with the Universe refusing to reveal itself and its means.

Tomonori Totani, a professor of astrophysics at the University of Tokyo, gave abiogenesis one more try. In his research, he modeled a microscopic world of all the existing in the Universe to find if the lifeless matter would change its definition and burst into life – It didn’t.

There might be no life on other planets in the visible Universe

Abiogenesis was once more defied. But still, it is the only rational way life would be born since before there was life, life didn’t exist. So, the only logical thing there is, is that life origin is something that never lived previously.

This is where science, philosophy, and religion can’t be separated. Just like life, and just like the Big Bang, they are the expansion of an incomprehensible singularity.

Professor Totani tried to make his microscopic world to replicate the process through which RNA multiplicated until it became DNA. But RNA didn’t prove to be capable of doing so. “I hoped to find at least one realistic path of abiogenesis, to explain abiogenesis by words of science,” said Totani.

A meta interpretation of his results points to the conclusion that as infinite as the Universe might be, chances that dead matter would turn into life someplace other than Earth are infinitely small, if not impossible.

“Most likely, Earth is the only planet harboring life in the observable Universe. I predict that future observations or explorations of extraterrestrial life will yield no positive results,” apocalyptically predicted Totani.

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