There’s a Group of Asteroids That’s Heading Our Way – We Have All the Details

NASA is currently tracking a group of 4 asteroids that are heading towards Earth, as the space agency confirmed.

These four asteroids will come towards Earth and that they are categorized as “close approaches.” Astronomers expect them to go within hours of one another. The fastest of the asteroids will come towards Earth at more than 30.243mph.

These four asteroids have been classified as being Near-Earth Objects or NEOs. The Space Agency said that some asteroids follow the orbital paths which take them close to the Sun, and, of course, close to Earth – closer than usual.

If there’s a comet or an asteroid that comes closer than 1.3 astronomical units of the Sun, it is cataloged as being a near-Earth object. These near-Earth objects may come with materials for future interplanetary exploration.

The first of these four will come tomorrow, and it is known to be Asteroid 2019 TN1. It was first spotted on the 3rd of October, 2019. The space agency estimated that TN has from 36ft to 82ft – that’s 11m to 25m. It is flying at a speed of about 8.56 km per second. NASA said that the asteroid would be at its closest around 4.42 pm BST – or 3.42 pm UTC. The asteroid will approach the planet from a distance of around 0.03304 astronomical units.

The second one will arrive at the weekend, and we are talking about the NEO 2019 SK8. It was first found on the 24th of September 2019. It has between 52.5ft to 114.8ft (that’s 16m to 35m). The space agency says that the asteroid will approach the planet at about 10.32 pm BST – or 9.32 pm UTC. The asteroid will be traveling with 8.44 km per second. The asteroid will approach the earth from a distance of around 0.02679astronomical units.

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