This Black Hole Is Acting Strangely And Could Violate Albert Einstein’s Theory Of General Relativity

Two neutron stars slammed together in space, and they created a massive shaking in the Universe – the gravitational waves were detected by experts back in 2017.

Now, while checking out those gravitational wave recordings a couple of experts believe that they have managed to find evidence of a black hole that would violate the neat model from Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity.

In this theory, black holes are simple objects – some infinitely compressed singularities/points of matter that are surrounded by smooth event horizons. Through them, no matter, light or energy can escape.

Until now, this model supported all gathered data.

Black hole borders might not be that smooth 

LiveScience notes that back in the 1970s, Stephen Hawking wrote some papers which were suggesting that the borders of black holes are not that smooth as previously believed.

But instead, these blur due to a few effects that are linked to quantum mechanics that allow the Hawking radiation to escape.

The online publication mentioned above notes that “physicists have predicted that this fuzz would be particularly intense around newly formed black holes — substantial enough to reflect gravitational waves, producing an echo in the signal of a black hole’s formation.”

Experts believe that they discovered that type of echo 

The same publication writes that wow, in the aftermath of the neutron star collision, there are two experts who think that they managed to discover that very type of echo.

They say that a black hole that formed when these neutron stars merged is ringing like an echoing bell and it breaks the laws of black hole physics.

One of the experts said that “The time delay we expect (and observe) for our echoes … can only be explained if some quantum structure sits just outside their event horizons.”

Check out LiveScience’s post for more data on this extremely intriguing discovery.

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