Top 3 Diets With Solid Health Benefits, According To Experts

A proper diet plays an essential role in life, offering all that you need to function during the day and a feeling of well-being and satisfaction.

Researchers from the University of Otago have identified three diets that are great for your health since they offer excellent benefits in the long run, primarily if they are associated with fasting.

The internet is filled with many diets that appear and disappear as trends change, and new one surfaces from time to time. But the effectiveness of the ones presented below has passed both the test the time and the criteria used by researchers during several trials.

Top 3 Diets With Solid Health Benefits

One of the star diets is the Mediterranean one, which has been associated with many scientists in the past and recommended by many celebrities and magazines. The two other popular diets that have been observed by the researchers are Intermittent Fasting and Paleo.

The team wanted to learn how good are these diets in a real-world scenario instead of a clinical environment. Two hundred and fifty participants were asked to select their favorite diet plan and practice it without receiving continuous support from a dietician.

All the diets offered health benefits, but some can be linked to targeted benefits in comparison to others. Intermittent fasting, which involves 12 to 18 hours gaps between meals, has been associated with a superior weight loss.

Participants who opted for the Mediterranean diet were more likely to experience better blood level sugars and blood pressure, with the latter benefit also surfacing in the case of fasting. An interesting aspect is represented by the fact that some diets could be better for certain people in comparison to others since there is no universal diet plan that could work for everyone.

Those affected by the high blood pressure would enjoy more benefits from the Mediterranean diet instead of the Paleo one. A study was published in a scientific journal.

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