Top 5 Chromium Supplements: Help with Diabetes and Weight Loss

Let’s talk about chromium. It is a trace element that has a massive role in regulating your metabolism and the blood chemistry, as well. It’s perfect for lower cholesterol levels. It can also control the symptoms of type two diabetes, and it’s the ideal pal when it comes to weight loss.

It is also very popular in bodybuilding, due to the fact that it drops fat quickly and it increases strengths. However, you need to be careful at the dosage of chromium. We have written a top 5 best supplements of this kind.

  1. Sensible Supplements

This company uses chromium ascorbate as chromium that’s soluble in water, which dissolved into a solution and which gets administered in the form of a drop from the dropper bottle.

This way, it is very easy to add chromium to your drink, be it a shake, a smoothie, or any kind of drink. However, if you choose droplets, you cannot be as sure as you’d be with a tablet – you don’t know how much chromium you are getting. Each and every drop has around 30mcg of chromium, but when it comes to measuring doses, you can never be 100% sure. It is very important only to get the optimal dose, so you might want to choose a tablet-based supplement. However, this one is just as effective – if you know the right dosage.

  1. Solaray GTF

This one is a moderate chromium supplement, and it uses a natural source of chromium. This makes it the best at regulating blood glucose. GTF stands for glucose tolerance factor.

The chromium comes from some selected yeast. The company states that this specific kind of chromium is the best choice when it comes to regulating blood glucose. If you want to get in control of your blood sugar, this one is the best choice for you, but it might not be good for the other uses of chromium. It comes in 200 mcg doses, so it’s quite easy to stay in the optimal range of chromium.

  1. NOW

This one comes with four different sources of chromium. We have chromium polynicotinate, chromium picolinate, chromium amino acid chelate, and chromium chelavite.

This supplement also comes with extract of cinnamon bark. This makes a great team with chromium. It is good for bioavailability and absorption. However, if you are trying to follow the same instruction as those in scientific studies, you might find it hard to do it.

The dose comes with 500 mcg for every capsule. It’s suitable for those of you who have a low chromium intake.

  1. Nature’s Bounty

This one comes with a high dose of chromium picolinate. We are talking about 800 mcg for every capsule. For many of the people who take it, it’s too much. Chromium is not one of those supplements where the bigger dose means better.

The supplement has a few extra additives, which you probably won’t find in some of its competitors. Here we have silicon dioxide and dicalcium phosphate. You should choose this one in case you really need a high dose of chromium.

  1. EZ Melts

EZ Melts comes with supplements that dissolve in your mouth. The company says that it actually leads to superior absorption. However, when it comes to tablets, you should not worry – it is not the case.

If you’re not a tablet person, this one is made for you. The design of the supplement is not that clean since it uses mannitol, which is a sugar alcohol. They use it for giving it a flavor, and they also use sweetening agents, as well.

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